Hello Summer Fundraisers!

Hello Summer Fundraisers!

Many believe that summer is the time to say goodbye to fundraising goals, but that's untrue. In fact, many of our groups have run smart summer campaigns that successfully provide the necessities for their group during the hot months of July and August.

Your Fundraising Consultant will have more helpful suggestions, but for the moment, here are the three of our top summer campaign suggestions:

1) Scratchcards - A fun, powerful donation-style fundraiser yielding 90% profit without the hassle of inventory! The cover of the card is completely customizable to add a personal touch. They're ideal for groups that have summer events and get-togethers and are also great for sports teams, who can receive donations from spectators at games.

2) National Discount Cards - Another great idea that doesn't involve perishable goods! Offering a 50% profit with no minimum order, this is ideal for any fundraising group. A product that offers discounts to over 100,000 merchants nationwide, including national chains like Sam's Club, Target and Holiday Inn. With a local search option by zip code, you have the ability to find deals and discounts to places just around the corner from you! Also comes with an easy to use Smart Phone App.

3) Online Fundraising - Completely free to set up, this innovative campaign issues your profit checks every month and is a great addition to your fundraising plan! This campaign provides groups with a personalized online store of their very own. While this fundraiser is ideal for all groups, it's a great option for groups who often do not meet over the summer (schools, football teams, etc). These groups can get back together in the fall with a nest egg ready for them! Truly a fundraiser that can be done while vacationing on the beach.

Other great ideas? cards, Save Around coupon books and delicious, healthy Jack Link's Beef Jerky will all make your summer fundraisers sizzle!

To get more details on any of these programs, simply visit or call us at 1-888-875-1245 to speak with a helpful Fundraising Consultant!

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