Hosting A Patriotic Fundraiser

Hosting A Patriotic Fundraiser

In the summertime, many enjoy celebrating patriotic holidays. If you are looking for fundraising ideas for the summer, holding group events usually draws in a good chunk of cash. Show some of your American spirit by hosting an event to show your appreciation, while incorporating some fundraisers for your group at the same time. This is a great opportunity for people to get together, enjoy some summer activities, and raise much-needed money for a cause.

First, set up a social media page specifically for the event.

This will allow friends to read about the group's goals and will help to spread the word that a celebration will be taking place. From this page, you can link any fundraising pages you have set up online so that those who live far away will have the chance to contribute from their own neck of the woods. Make sure to thank anyone for their donations by posting them on your social media site. This will serve as an incentive for others to join in to donate.

Create a festive flier to hang up in establishments around town.

Use red and blue text to get others in the mood for a patriotic good time. Make sure to place the address of the event, the time it begins, and some of the events you plan on having to entice townspeople to check it out.

Gather the items you are going to sell at the event.

Since you are having a patriotic theme, stick with items that are red, white, and blue. Set up a table with the items set out on display. Some ideas are tumblers, t-shirts and water bottles with patriotic labels. Your group can have personalized t-shirts made up with the date of the event included on the design. A lot of people enjoy collecting shirts that show events they had attended.

Make sure there is plenty of food available for sale.

Hot dogs, hamburgers, and any other All American choice will be sure to be a hit. Consider making a few patriotic specials, such as red, white and blue cupcakes or pretzels dipped in icing and red, white and blue sprinkles.

Set up a bunch of lawn games to be played with friends and family. Horse shoes, volleyball, and softball are all favorites that can be played as a group with minimal equipment needed. Consider having vendors at your event to sell appropriate patriotic wares.

Host a dance contest as one of the events.

This is a fun, easy way to get people involved without spending a lot of money. Have a friend bring music and speakers to the event and set up an area where competitors can battle for an exciting prize. Have a watermelon seed spitting contest for the kids later on during the event. This is a humorous event that will draw in a few laughs from the crowd.

After night falls, give everyone sparklers to help celebrate the event. If you host the event the same day as town fireworks, set out blankets for guests to lie back and enjoy the show after a busy day of celebration.


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