4 Cheerleading Fundraisers ideas

4 Cheerleading Fundraisers ideas

Being a member of a cheerleading squad is an experience that has so much to offer to a young person! It's a great activity that promotes not only fitness, but also teamwork and friendship. While this can be a valuable experience for students or members of an independent cheerleading team, the reality is that there are a lot of costs that go into maintaining this activity. Frequently, a resourceful cheerleading team will need to organize fundraising campaigns to meet the necessary operational expenses.

Here are some great fundraising ideas for cheerleading squads:

To Remember This:

When you are a cheerleader, there are many Kodak moments that you, your friends and your family are eager to keep. This is a photo fundraiser that is a great way to capture and share these moments. Your cheerleading squad can make great money selling photo keepsakes and it is incredibly easy. Assign someone with a good camera and a good eye for photography to take pictures of the cheerleaders in action as individuals or as a group.  Then simply upload photos from your PC, phone, camera, or Facebook. We'll create printed photo keepsakes like photo books, calendars and invitations. Family and friends will love these photo items and they can be a significant source of fundraising revenue.

Custom sports apparel:

Get great fan gear, cheerleading custom sportswear and sell quality sports gear to families, friends, and fans. We offer items like performance gear, uniforms, jerseys and more. This can be a great way to represent the team and raise some money for cheerleading activities. has a variety of quality fan gear that can be sold at your cheerleading events! 


One fundraising product that is rarely ever a hard sell is chocolate. We have a great selection of chocolate items that include Nestle straight packs and big packs, products from Kathryn Beich and chocolate variety packs. These and other chocolate fundraising products tend to sell well and with such a great selection of options, it can appeal to a wide-range of different consumers.

Organize fundraising events:

Organizing cheerleading exhibitions or other events for fundraising can raise money for cheerleading competitions. Choose products from our website to sell at these events to increase your revenue. Call our Fundraising Experts at 1.800.443.5353 to discuss the best fundraising products to sell at your events. Popular products for fundraising events include fan gear, calendars, scratch cards and discount coupon books

It's a simple fact, cheerleading squads need money for costumes, transportation, and competition fees; at you can find creative and simple ideas to raise the funds that you need. 

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