3 March Madness Fundraisers

3 March Madness Fundraisers

It's that time again; March Madness is taking over and basketball fever is sweeping the nation! For three weeks college teams from across the country are battling for the coveted NCAA championship title in this annual phenomenon.

All the electricity surrounding the three-week tournament is the perfect atmosphere to raise money for your group. Many people have had great success with March Madness fundraisers raising millions of dollars not only for Sports groups but also for non profits and causes like Leukemia research.

There are many ways to inject a little March Madness into your fundraisers whether you are raising funds for sports groups or not. Consider these:

Start a Bracket Pool

Just like others have done, you can open a bracket pool at your office or with your family and friends. The way it works is pretty simple. You just have people fill out a bracket form, and then pay a fee to enter a pool where the winner gets a prize.

Be careful though; bracket pools count as sports betting and so it may be illegal in your state. Check with your state laws to see if it's allowed, but if it isn't you can still work around it. Instead of giving cash to the winner, you can give them a gift card or a coupon for a free service like car wash or a massage.

Set Up a Basketball Event

If you'd rather set up an event of some kind, you can always host your own charity tournament where teams pay a fee to enter. It's a lot of legwork to fully organize a sports tournament, so you'll need a complete fundraising team to take care of the logistics.

You could also have a skills competition instead. It would be a one-day event and a lot easier to set up than a tournament which would take place over several days.

Sell NCAA-Themed Merchandise

Help people show their team spirit with a team tumbler or jersey! We have a ready supply of Licensed and Custom Tumblers, and various styles of sports apparel for your fundraisers. The tumblers come with every team logo in the NCAA, and we also have a lot of other patterns like camouflage and the US flag. Custom patterns are also available if you have your own ideas.

When it comes to sports apparel we have jerseys, tank tops, hoodies, and more. All of them can be bought with custom designs to show your March Madness team spirit.

The madness has just begun, so there is still plenty of time to spread a little basketball fever with these sports fundraising ideas. The ball's in your court. It's time to make a play for your charity or raise funds for your next tournament!

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