Mother's Day Fundraising Ideas

Mother's Day Fundraising Ideas

Mothers Day arrives on Sunday May 8 this year, so pretty soon we'll all be showing our mothers how much we appreciate them. The holiday is also a great occasion to run an appropriately themed fundraising event.

If you need to arrange something quick and easy for Mothers Day but aren't settled on what you should do, we've got a handful of Mothers Day fundraisers here which could be just the thing you're looking for.


One thing that almost every mom loves is chocolate, and here at we have a ready supply of Kathryn Beich's Katydids chocolates. With soft caramel and sweet milk chocolate, these chocolates are highly sought after. Place an order with us and you'll receive it in 7 businesses days. Selling them for your fundraising efforts is no problem; everybody loves these sweets!


If the chocolates don't grab you, maybe you could try our Heritage Candles instead? These all-natural candles come in a variety of different scents such as Hot Apple Pie, Butter Cookies, Cinnamon Apple, and Juicy Peach, just to name a few. Moms can use them to create a romantic or relaxing setting at home and bask in the sweet scents as they melt stress away like butter in a hot oven.

Entertainment Savings App

Taking your mom out to dinner is a classic thing to do for Mother's Day, and we've got you covered with this Savings App. With Entertainment, mothers can choose a restaurant and even indulge themselves several other discounts in shopping, travel and more. With thousands of different restaurants, stores and services to redeem these at, you could go just about anywhere.


Of course, no Mother's Day would be complete without a bouquet of flowers! Contact a local florist or nursery and see what you can do about purchasing flowers in bulk. Then sell them at a local mall or a busy downtown neighbourhood; anywhere with a lot of people could be a good place. Some people might suddenly decide to buy a flower for Mother's Day after seeing you with them on the street, even if they hadn't been considering it before.

Mother's Day is a special time of the year when we all have to show our moms how much they mean to us, and these fundraisers take advantage of what the occasion calls for. The day is coming soon, so place your orders now before it's too late!

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