Marketing Tips for Your Fundraiser

Marketing Tips for Your Fundraiser

Marketing is one essential element of fundraising that some people might struggle with. You could be raising money for a very important cause, but people need to know about what you're doing and they need to know what kind of an impact their donations will have. The direction you take will depend on the nature of your charity and the demographics you're targeting, but for local non-profits there are a few general quick tips that make things easier.

Build an Email List

Email marketing is a very powerful marketing method, especially for fundraisers. The best way to go about building your email list is to use social media engagement to direct people to your fundraiser's website and prompt them to sign up for the newsletter. Each new subscriber could potentially become a donor down the line.

Tell Impact Stories

In all your content, whether it's in the newsletter, website, or social media feeds, impact stories are a gold mine. Look for personal stories that demonstrate how your charity has made a difference. Testimonials, videos, infographics, and interviews are all possible formats for telling the story. When people see what a difference your charity has really made, they may be persuaded to send a donation.

Hold a Fun Contest

A good way to generate some buzz for your fundraiser is by holding a contest via social media. For example, if you're running a sports charity, you could ask people to submit their best little league photos, and the top three entries will receive a prize. That's just one example, but the contest you choose to run should be something related to your cause. That way it can provide an easy segue to your fundraiser where you can solicit donations with a convincing impact story!

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