Relax and Sell Stuff

Relax and Sell Stuff

The traditional form of fundraising is to simply ask for a donation. We all are familiar with the principle of donating money to support a cause. But there are a number of fundraising ideas that can complement such a donation platform, such as Online Fundraising. At, we can help you set up your own personal fundraising page to take advantage of the reach and ease of the Internet. Let's think through this together

Younger generations are being raised on the Internet. It's only logical for them to fundraiser via the web, right? Increasingly, people of all ages shop on the Internet and at, we've created a way that you can use that reality to the advantage of your group.

Did we mention that it's totally free and of no cost to you?!

Imagine a web page dedicated to your group. On the left-hand side of the screen is a large graphic identifying your group. You may choose a photograph, a logo, or anything that allows people to identify you. On the right-hand side is your message. You identify your group and describe the purpose and goals of the fundraising campaign. We've done the work - you only need to fill in the details to make it happen!

Under the photograph on the left-hand side, there's a thermometer that will track the progress of the campaign. How does the campaign progress, you ask?

Your site is actually a store. From your Group Page, people are able to purchase more than 1,500 products and subscribe to a wide range of magazines. Your job is to alert all of your supporters to the fact that they can contribute to your campaign by renewing a magazine subscription through your website or by purchasing products that they need anyway. For the increasing number of people used to shopping online, your Group Page can be useful. Not only are they buying things they would have to begin with, but they're also contributing to your cause - talk about a win-win! Meanwhile, you raise funds equal to as much as 40% of the items sold.

One of the benefits for you is that setting up an online store is easy. We've already created the template - you simply need to customize it for your group. It costs you no money and very little time! However, it'll only work if you make the effort to ensure that your supporters are aware of it and its benefits.

How could fundraising be so simple? Well, publishers and other retailers are using you as advertising agents. In fact, the money you earn in sales is effectively your pay for having promoted their products. That is why you need to get the word out in order to make it profitable and achieve your group's goal. In this case, fundraising groups such are yours are not only advertisers, but retailers.

One last thing: times are hard for a lot of people. They may want to donate to various local causes, but find it difficult financially. This is why it's key to remind them that they can buy things they need and help you out at the same time.

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