School Fundraising - Ace It!

School Fundraising - Ace It!

With the new school year fast approaching - we've been hard at work to come up with solutions for all the educators, parents, students, and volunteers that'll be embarking on the journey that is the SCHOOL FUNDRAISER.

Here are some tried-and-true strategies that can be integrated into any school fundraising campaign. Check out School Fundraising 101 on our website for much, much more! There, you will find our fundraising products and reflections on the practical side of school campaigns. If you need help to settle on the right program for you, will dispatch one of our Great American Reps to your school to kick things off with a BANG!

Gift Basket Raffle

Approach local businesses and parents' workplaces to donate items that will fill the baskets. Next, have volunteers wrap each basket, punctuated with a pretty bow. Then sell tickets at whatever price the market will bear. For the cost of the baskets and wrapping - and the time donated - this strategy can be lucrative.


Pledge money for each book that students commit to reading. Not only do the students develop their reading skills, but they help finance the school at the same time. Synchronicity!

School Special Events

Take advantage of school plays, art shows, and auctions to raise money for a local non-profit organization. The school and the students improve their standing in the community. Non-profit organizations might want to approach local schools with a proposal.

Bricks or Ceramics

Students purchase a brick or a ceramic tile and have the honour of decorating them or simply signing them. The bricks are then incorporated into the school infrastructure. For the promise of posterity, the student pays $10. Former students, now parents, might show their children the brick that they decorated a generation earlier.

Fall Fundraiser

Arts and Crafts Theme. Students hollow out pumpkins and fill the subsequent 'pot' with chrysanthemums for sale.

Special Theme Days

For special days of the year, students pay $1 for the privilege of dressing down - or dressing up. Certain dress days can be coordinated with local national or historical events.

Have you tried these? Do you have others to contribute? Share your successes - or even your failures - with us below. You can also call us at 1-800-443-5353 (we're super nice!)

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