School Fundraising Without Borders

School Fundraising Without Borders

As teachers, we are concerned about the welfare of our students. A number of reports from groups such as the Center for American Progress and the National Center for Education Statistics tell us what we already know: nine out of ten teachers in the United States are buying basic school supplies for some of their students and two thirds are purchasing food to help them meet their basic nutritional needs. While some states and local governments are hit harder than others, we teachers are facing similar circumstances from coast to coast.

The Role of the Internet

Despite the decline of the education system's financial state, modern communication brings us together in a historically unprecedented way. Teachers, like those in any other profession, have the opportunity to share and understand each other and their shared predicament via the forums, and websites devoted to the profession.

It brings the teaching together - along with their supporters - to problem-solve and collaborate, opening up possibilities that did not exist before. Sharing curriculums, classroom activities, ideas and methods is made simple, and all gain from the shared experience and knowledge. To take full advantage of the web's potential, some teachers have taken it a step further and developed ways to resolve their financial issues in the classroom.

For example, the community of people throughout the United States that want to support the musical education of our students is one that has profited from the advantages of the web's vast reach. The music industry itself - in all its forms - depends on the quality of musical education that students receive. Therefore, it is wise to reach out to ask for support in every which way for school bands. Some have used social media to call out popular musicians to address the issue, while others have used donation platforms to shed light on the situation and receive donations, pulling in funding from far away, well out of earshot - now isn't that a magical thing? invites teachers to to experience the fruits of the world wide web. is a free and simple online fundraiser that allows you to quickly create a dedicated page for your school, group or classroom and easily share it via social media and email. Supporters can then shop from a variety of thousands of magazines and gift items, with 40% of the proceeds going back to their group - how about that?!

Why a 'Donate' Button Is Important
Does your school, classroom or group have a website? If yes, you should consider getting a 'Donate' or 'Send Money' button on there. This makes your fundraiser visible to all who visit your page and will encourage supporters anywhere to contribute to your cause.

Are you ready to fundraise with the internet? Give us a call at 1.800.443.5353 or check us out on we promise, you'll love it!

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