5 Spring-Themed Fundraising Ideas

5 Spring-Themed Fundraising Ideas

Spring is here! The warmer weather lends itself to some fun ideas, so if you need to raise money for your group or organization, we've got you covered. These ideas are easy to put together, and we can provide you with the necessary products to make it happen.

Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is a tradition going back for generations, but in our hectic and busy lives not everyone has time to thoroughly clean their homes. Why not offer to do the cleaning yourself and charge a modest fee which goes towards your fundraising efforts? You'll need all the typical cleaning materials that you usually find around the house. Of course trash bags will be essential, and we always have those in stock.

Garage Sale

A garage sale is a great way to trim to down on excess junk, and Spring is usually when you start seeing them popping up around town. Call on everyone in your fundraising team to contribute their unwanted items for the sale, and get the word out prior to the day of the sale by posting some local advertisements. It's also a good idea to hold your garage sale fundraiser at a place that gets a lot of foot traffic so people can just discover it as they're out and about.

Neighbourhood Cleanup

When all the massive snow banks and ice sheets of winter thaw they leave behind hidden troves of trash all over the street. It's an ugly thing to look at, so this is another opportunity for a Spring fundraiser. Look for people to sponsor your fundraising team in a neighbourhood cleanup operation. Make sure everyone has gloves and trash bags ready!

Bike Tune Ups

Few people are hardcore enough to go biking in the winter, but as soon as springtime arrives everyone starts bringing their bikes out of storage. After being locked away for months inside a dark shed unused, there's a good chance that your bike isn't in tiptop shape so it's a good idea to get a tune up before you hit the road. Organize a bike tune up clinic where you oil chains, tighten brakes, and adjust derailleurs. You'll be performing a much appreciated service, and raising some cash for your organization.

Mother Day Gifts

Mother's Day comes in May; we can help you get on top of it! We have loads of items that could make for great gifts for Mom. Take our Katydids chocolates, for example. If your Mom loves chocolate, and there's a good chance she does, these practically sell themselves. Mother's Day gifts are an easy Spring fundraising idea.

Spring gets closer with each passing day. Why not warm up to some of these ideas for spring and have some fun raising funds?


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