Surprising and Stunning Solution!

Surprising and Stunning Solution!

In this crazy Covid-19 world are you surviving or thriving? Are you and your organization barely hanging on or are you innovating solutions to absolutely thrive? Do not be paralyzed by fear for this is a time to change landscapes for good and that includes charities that are suffering from cancelled gala events.

A great example of pivoting and innovating is when Letitia Frye, an 'auctiontainer'. In February of 2020, Letitia was looking forward to a robust year with more than 40 fundraising events she was promoting, and then suddenly her world turned upside down as all these events were postponed or cancelled. Letitia is an expert at overcoming obstacles and has an overwhelming positive outlook on life. So, looking for a solution, she discovered the revolutionary new Fund Duel platform and realized that she found the perfect tool to revitalize her fundraisers. She was off to the races and convinced Valley Wise Health Foundation and the Arizona Burn Center to book the first ever virtual live-stream gamified Fund Duel.

What did Valleywise do? They used their guest list from their cancelled gala event and had each of those guests RSVP for their April 23rd 'Night of Heroes' virtual event. They contacted each of their corporate sponsors and invited them to be team captains. Their list of team captains grew to seventeen and each sponsor donated 5,000.00. By the end of the evening $220,000 were raised including the sponsorship dollars. This was 4 times more than Valleywise had raised in the past at live gala events and at a fraction of the cost. They were so pleased that there were 6,000 views during the event and 10 participating countries. The ROI for corporate sponsors was greater than they could have dreamed of.

Why did it work so terrifically? The spirit of competition and winning prizes motivates donors to get involved. The challenge to upload a 'selfie' and get donations on it increased engagement and interactivity (participants photos were seen by the viewing audience). Fund Duel makes it so easy to 'share' these uploaded photos and videos on social media platforms so an audience of 300 expands to 6,000.00. The platform is video based and connects donors to the cause.

The story of a young girl who was burned over 60 percent of her body and experienced a full recovery with the amazing care of Valleywise was emotionally riveting and moved donors (including youth and children) to participate and get involved to help this hospital. Valleywise Health Foundation had a dire need to increase levels of protection for susceptible patients in the Covid-19 environment and to expand their facilities.

Fund Duel Inc. has innovated a gamified approach to virtual live-streamed fundraising events that has had stunning results and now is the most sought-after solution for online donation fundraising.

Now Fund Duel is working with all types of major and small non-profits, schools, and sports organizations to solve their fundraising needs and they told us that it's an amazing feeling to be able to assist and solve problems at a time like this.

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