What we take for granted

What we take for granted

I read a wonderful quote on Pinterest the other day while I was pinning to our Get Inspired board (yes, we're on Pinterest!). It was this:

'The things you take for granted, someone else is praying for.'

So, taking a cue from five essentials I'm thankful for (but sometimes take for granted), here's some 'starter ideas' for doing your best at doing good in 2013:

1. First and foremost, my health, because honestly, without it, I know I'd have nothing.
*Support a local hospital, or collect funds to fight an ailment that's affected someone youlove.

2. Family and friends. They care for me, laugh with me and support me daily.
*Support a local seniors facility, Boys & Girls Club or volunteer as a Big Brother/Sister.

3. The 'good problem' of having too much food in the fridge (including leftover cake).
*Support a local food bank by way of food or cash donations, or by heading over and lendinga hand.

4. My home, filled with my favorite things (including luxuries like an iPad in a fancy orangecase).
*Support a local homeless shelter with blankets , or your local chapter of Habitat forHumanity.

5. My education, which has earned me some pretty decent opportunities, and the fact that I can continue it any time, by choice (eg. Must learn French in order to keep up with the toddler)!
*Support a local school, literacy group, or go international with a program like One Laptop Per Child.

What are the things that you're thankful for having that other might not? Share your thoughts and favorite causes in the comments below.

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