2 FUNdraisers for Summer

2 FUNdraisers for Summer

The beginning of summer is an occasion for barbecues, picnics, and cottage getaways. It can also be a great time to launch a fundraiser in the great outdoors! Here are a few ideas that you might want to consider for your summer fundraisers.

Community Picnic

Who doesn't love going to a park on a sunny afternoon and soaking up some of that lovely summer weather? You can capitalize on the enthusiasm for summer picnics by staging a community barbecue at a local park. You'll need to apply for permits with the City's Office but once that's taken care of the rest is pretty straight forward. Get a few barbecue grills and loads of burgers, hot dogs, drinks, and other snacks. To monetize the event, sell tickets at $1 each and have people redeem the tickets for food and drinks.

Survival Skills Workshop

The start of summer also marks the beginning of camping season for many people. Camping in the Great Outdoors calls for a certain set of skills; you'll have a hard time out in the woods if you don't know how to build a fire or what do if you encounter a bear, so you can offer to host a survival skills workshop. This could be a great idea for Scouts groups or other first-aid related groups. Just charge people an admission fee, and keep them entertained with an informative and interesting lesson on how to survive in the Great Outdoors.

Don't forget that even if you raise funds through an event like the ones mentioned before, you can have great success if you leverage social media or even the use of a simple website to get people excited about your fundraiser. Nowadays there are several platforms that make it very easy for you to raise funds from home.

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The summer season is about fun so enjoy the first weekend of summer while raising funds!

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