Try an Online Fundraiser!

Try an Online Fundraiser!

Welcome to the digital age. More merchandise is sold online than in bricks-and-mortar businesses. It only stands to reason that fundraisers should consider online fundraising.Fundraising has become a necessity for many organizations like churches, schools and athletic teams. We have fewer and fewer hours to donate to fundraising and many organizations are finding that aging volunteers just don't have the energy they once had to put into fundraising.

Benefits of Online Fundraising

Online fundraising can generate significant revenue. It requires little labor and can amass the funds you need for your organization in a very short time. Online fundraising enables schools, churches and other nonprofits to reach out to supporters that they would not be able to connect with using traditional fundraising methods like door-to-door sales. With an online fundraiser from, they are just a few clicks away from supporting your cause.

Thanks to technology, your fundraising message can reach potential supporters 24-hours a day, seven days a week. And the website is free. No more pounding the pavement and burning gas to find buyers and deliver your product. Your fundraising campaign can reach not only your congregation, your family and friends, your colleagues and your community; you can even reach potential donors clear across the country.

Online Fundraising: From Theory to Practice

Make your online connections work for you. First, get organized: make a list of all the different social groups you're part of online and off. Think of church groups, colleagues, family, neighbors, friends, fellow parents Leave no stone unturned!

Then, create your online campaign at through the campaign manager you can explain the project, the group and how the funds will be used. Add compelling photos too! The campaign manager even helps you share it on Facebook!

You and your supporters will have a great selection of products to choose from. Visit the website and see just how easy and effective this method can be.


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