Our chocolate products come from recognizable name brands, so your buyers will find the treats they already know and love available from your fundraisers. With Nestle chocolates and candy bars, you can stock up on the same snacks your customers might splurge on from a vending machine. Put them in the hands of your fundraisers instead and you can pocket that profit.

We have Katydids chocolates available in a box or tin for buyers who want something with a little more variety than your average candy bar. Other Kathryn Beich treats are on the menu as well. Skinny Cow chocolate products are ideal for customers who want to indulge without taking in a lot of calories.

With this broad variety you can find the right approach for your fundraiser's season and market. Stock up on Yummy Bunnies in spring and help the Easter Bunny stock his gift baskets. Chocolatiers Variety Packs are perfect for sellers who want to carry something for everyone in one convenient box. Host a movie night for your fundraiser and name-brand candy bars will be a big sell.

We offer choices that include 100 Grand bars, Baby Ruth bars, and Butterfingers. Our Snack Zone packs even go beyond the traditional chocolate candy choices to include Wonka Nerds, Wonka Everlasting Gobstoppers, and Nestle Raisinets. Whether you choose the variety yourself or grab one of our ready-to-go boxes, you'll find ample choices.

All our chocolate products offer a minimum of a 40 percent profit. Stock up on the Chocolatiers Variety Packs and you can even score profits of 50 percent. With this generous profit margin, you can hit your fundraising goals quickly. Chocolate products have broad appeal so you can satisfy nearly any audience with this delicious choice for your next event.

Chocolates are a convenient and versatile choice for your fundraisers. With our broad selection, low prices, and high-profit margin, this option should top your list of fundraising picks.