lego ideas


Combine the LEGO® building system with LEGO® STATIONERY to...write, build & play!
Personalize keys or a lanyard with a LEGO® keychain light, and dress up a bag or a backpack with a LEGO® bag tag for a unique & fun look.
lego star wars ideas


The force is strong with LEGO® Star Wars silicone bag tags and keychain lights. Keychain lights are upscaled replicas of the LEGO® minifigure with LED lights in the feet. The metal key ring is easy to attach to your keys or backpack or wear on a lanyard for quick access. Bag tags are made from 100% silicone and are the perfect accessory to identify any luggage or backpack.
lego iconic ideas


The LEGO® ICONIC colllection features must-haves for any LEGO® enthusiast! Identify your luggage or backpack with an inconic LEGO® bag tag. These flexible bag tags are non-toxic, odorless & PVC free. Want to bring a smile to a medical professional? Gift them an iconic LEGO® keychain light?
lego stationary ideas


Not just any pen or pencil. The LEGO® STATIONERY collection inspires creativity, fun and organization. Gel pens with attachable minifigurines and real LEGO® bricks so you can connect and organize them. The LEGO® pencils come with a unique pencil topper with genuine LEGO® plates. Build on or around the topper or clutch your favorite minifigure or other LEGO® STATIONERY components. Unlock your imagination
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