online fundraising ideas
Personalize your store with your photos, logo and message.
online fundraising ideas
Invite your group members, friends and family to join the cause and spread the word via email and Social Media
online fundraising ideas
Sell popular magazines, including titles like People and Sports Illustrated. Or sell cool stuff to Inspire Kindness! You keep 40% profit.
online fundraising ideas
Create your Online Store

What do I get with my Online Fundraising Store?

  • The ability to customize your Online Fundraising Store with your own logo, photos and text
  • Enjoy full control of your campaign and track your sales and profits through a personal Campaign Manager
  • An online fundraising store offering a wide variety of popular magazines, and products to Inspire Kindness. Items ship direct to your supporters!
  • A dashboard to easily invite your supporters to participate by shopping on your personalized fundraising store. Share your store's link on Social Media and by email.
  • Get reports about your sales and profits earned

Your personalized online fundraising store stays open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

online fundraising ideas