fundraising products

From schools to sports teams, there are plenty of groups who need help raising money. Thankfully, our enjoyable fundraising campaigns make it easy to get the money you need with products that everyone loves.

Food is always a well-liked choice for a fundraiser, and there are several different options from which to choose. Your supporters will love the convenience of pre-made cookie dough. Chocolate is another hit, especially when you have sought-after brands such as Nestle, Katydids, and Skinny Cow to choose from. As a low-cost product that everyone loves, lollipops also make great fundraiser. You can even sell novelty lollipops for holidays or find a theme that suits your group type.

If you're looking for fundraising items that people can use every day, consider scented pens and pencils. These are practical items that everyone needs, but they're also unique enough that you won't have any competition. You can raise money in a fun way by selling customized T-shirts, Tumblers or Sports Apparel .

Do you need to raise funds but you don’t have the money to pay upfront? Try our easy-breezy Order Takers or Magazine fundraisers.