Cookie Dough

There are few greater pleasures in the world than putting a batch of cookie dough in the oven, letting the scent of cookies waft through your home, and then taking your first bite of the freshly baked treats. Our cookie dough fundraisers let you bring these simple pleasures to your organization's loyal supporters in a convenient package of frozen dough.

We offer a wide range of cookie dough packs with a variety of flavors to appeal to all tastes. Our Fresh From the Oven packs feature recipes hand-selected by Southern Living and Cooking Light, including healthy honey oatmeal raisin and sugar-free oatmeal cookies alongside the more indulgent deluxe triple chip and peanut butter chocolate delight cookies. Kids will love the Crazy About Cookies packs, featuring cookies made with favorite treats like M&Ms and Reese's Peanut Butter Crisps. Gluten-free cookie dough varieties are also available.
No matter which flavors appeal to you, you can feel confident in what you are bringing to your supporters: the joy of baking cookies, without all the fuss. Our cookie doughs are available in tubs or pre-portioned packs filled with cookies ready for the oven. They can also be thawed and refrozen throughout the year for cookies anytime sweet cravings strike.

Our cookie dough packs also come in a range of sizes. The $10 Dough come in small 2-lb tubs for casual cookie eaters, while other packs, like the PrePortioned 16 Flavors , feature larger 2.7-lb tubs for real cookie monsters.

Baking cookies is enjoyable at any time of year, but these fundraising drives work particularly well around the holiday season when families have time to spend together and have fun in the kitchen. Fundraising groups with children, including schools and churches, are likely to see the greatest returns.