Thanks to the power of the internet and social media, online fundraisers can be a very effective way to raise money for your cause. If you want to go down this route, a magazine fundraiser is a solid way to do it.

Our Time for Kids magazine subscriptions bring news from around the world that is relevant and interesting to kids. Every year over 300,000 kids receive the magazine at no cost, and that saves over $1 million in school budget dollars every year. Time is one of the most well known magazines around, and Time for Kids is an excellent educational resource.

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With our online fundraisers it’s easy to develop a following and sell subscriptions because you can quickly promote your campaign through email and social media. You can also add your own personal thought with things like photos, welcome messages, and logos. You can even incentivize your fundraising team members by offering coupons and gift certificates through our online fundraising program.

Set up an online fundraiser today and you’ll have access to the account manager that will guide you to easily set up your fundraising page. Besides the hundreds of magazine subscriptions we have in stock, your supporters can choose from 1400+ great products. Launching a fundraiser has never been so simple!