What’s a movie night without some popcorn to munch on? It’s one of the most popular types of snacks around, and we have some of the finest gourmet flavours for your popcorn fundraiser. Choose from cheddar cheese, jalapeno cheddar, classic caramel popcorn, caramel fudge peanut, caramel dark fudge sea salt, and white fudge cranberry, or mix and match different flavours for a truly mouth-watering fundraiser.

All our popcorn variety is made from GMO-free corn and contain zero gluten, trans fat, or MSG so you can rest assured that you will be selling a snack that is not only delicious, but easy on your waistline too. Our gourmet popcorn retails for $10, but we’re selling for just $6 each and you an so you shouldn’t have to worry about them going bad.

Order today and you’ll receive your popcorn in no more than seven (7) business days. Place your order and start poppin’ with your popcorn fundraiser!