Put the fun in your next fundraising drive with our Scratchcards. These Scratchcards are very different from the cards made for gambling. Instead of revealing what they won, users scratch off a dot or two to reveal the amount they should donate.

The scratch dots hide amounts ranging from $1 to $5, so they're affordable for most donors. Every supporter also receives a coupon sheet entitling them to savings on restaurant meals, movie tickets, and more. The value of these coupons exceeds the donation amount, which provides a great incentive for participation.

scratchcard fundraising ideas

Your supporters aren't the only ones who'll love the Scratchcards; they are also very convenient for fundraising members. Each Scratchcard folds up into a 4 x 6 inch card, which can be easily carried in a pocket. Since they're so portable, your members will find they can take their Scratchcards with them everywhere, ready for any fundraising opportunities that might arise. Perhaps best of all, donations are received instantly, without waiting around for orders to be fulfilled and delivered. recognizes the wide appeal of Scratchcards, so we've created a range of designs to suit virtually any organization. Sporting groups will love the Scratchcards showing images of cheerleaders and athletes playing football, basketball, baseball, hockey, martial arts, and other popular sports. Images of churches and stained glass windows may suit church and youth group fundraising efforts, while images of elementary school children, high schoolers, and university students make scratchcards appropriate fundraising vehicles for all types of educational institutions.

Don't see a design that speaks to you? That's no problem. At, we also offer Scratchcards that can be personalized with a design of your choice.

Promising 80% profits, each $20 Scratchcard you use will help you raise up to $100. Because we don't want to eat into your profits, we also offer free shipping on all Scratchcard orders. That makes Scratchcards one of the most lucrative fundraising options for any organization.