Whether you're trying to raise money for a sports team to buy new uniforms or your school needs money for new books, Smencils are fun products that can help you collect the cash you need.

A Fun Collectible

Smencils are No. 2 scented pencils made completely from recycled newspapers. They come in awesome scents like root beer, grape soda, watermelon, cotton candy, and more. These high-quality products have a scent that lasts for up to two years, and children love to collect the various designs and scents. We also offer Smens, which are scented pens in special styles like metallic and glitter.


Exciting Characters and Designs

With so many designs to choose from, Smencils are a great fundraiser for a variety of youth organizations. Smencils featuring characters from hit Disney movies like Frozen and Inside Out are great for young children. Sports teams can choose to sell Smencils with collectible character tops and scents such as Touchdown Taffy and Batter Up Bubble Gum. Schools can sell Smart Smencils, which are infused with the scent of peppermint to improve concentration and stimulate brain activity.

Fantastic Prices and Accessories

Every Smencils product can generate profits of 40-45 percent. To make even more money, consider selling coordinating accessories with your Smencils. Smencil Buddies are silicone pen or pencil cases that come with their own scented character. The cases come in mouth-watering scents like rainbow sherbet, jelly donut, cupcake, and watermelon.

Great for Schools

Rather than using candy or cookies to raise money, schools can feel better knowing they're selling a product that doesn't contain any sugar or calories, yet is still very enjoyable. Since Smencils are made from recycled newspapers, they're good for the environment and demonstrate the benefits of recycling. Plus, they're useful, unique, and easy to sell anytime of the year.Schools, sports leagues, and youth groups are likely to see the greatest return and enjoy selling these earth-friendly and interesting pens and pencils