Exciting Ideas for Cheer Fundraising

For successful cheer fundraising, you need a high-energy program that will kick your campaign into gear, and get everyone excited, motivated and in the fundraising spirit!

Here are some awesome cheer fundraising ideas:

cheerleading fundraising idea

Online Magazine Fundraiser
Cheerleading takes a lot of energy, so it would be a nice change to give your squad a fundraiser that they can do from home while they’re relaxing and resting up for their next big event or tournament. Without leaving the comfort of their homes, your squad can fundraise by email any time of day, and easily reach their friends and family all over the country. Since you can customize your online fundraiser, it’s also a perfect opportunity to showcase your squad’s achievements! And of course, you can link your online fundraiser to an existing website or blog for a super fundraising boost with almost no effort!

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Cookie Dough
Just put the idea of warm, gooey, melt-in-your-mouth, home-baked cookies into someone’s mind, and they’ll instantly be your best customer! A great idea is to buy a tub of cookie dough for your squad and bake them. Sell your mouthwatering cookies for just $0.50 each as a "teaser", and you’ll have everyone rushing to place their cookie dough order!

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