5 Fresh Fundraising Ideas

5 Fresh Fundraising Ideas

Five fresh ideas for a successful fundraiser

Every year presents new challenges for schools, clubs, sport teams and other organizations that are looking for new and interesting ways to earn funds to support activities, major purchases and ongoing programs.

Thinking outside the fundraising box can be refreshing, and can mean a greater return of investment of the time it takes to drum up satisfactory sales. People only have so much money to go around for lots of worthy causes, and having a few innovative options at your disposal might be just the thing for making your organization the one folks will want to support.

One place to find unique fundraising ideas is; here you will find many options to give your cause a financial boost.

Custom apparel

Whether you are looking to help a local sports team or a school club, custom t-shirts and sweatshirts are a fun way for people in the community to indicate their support by proudly wearing a custom t-shirt promoting your organization. Check it out here!

Protein Snack

Fundraise with the delicious Jack Links snacks. These could be either Beef Sticks or their famous Beef Jerky. Don't forget they are full of proteins that will give your supporters a boost of tasty energy. Jack Links come in different flavors; Beef Sticks can be Original or Hot Wild for those who like a spicy taste. In the other hand, Beef Jerky can be Original, Teriyaki or Peppered. Check them out!

A 'Scented' idea

Check out Smencils, these are No 2 scented pencils made out of recycled newspaper. Not only do they come in a variety of fragrant choices including root beer, grape soda, watermelon, cotton candy and more, but also they take a step further by featuring your favorite heroes, sports and seasons. Furthermore, you can also check out Smens, which are scented pens in special styles like metallic and glitter.

Scratch for cash

Scratch cards are another possibility for offering an out-of-the-ordinary fundraising idea. Each card includes your organization name and photograph! Supporters scratch a dot on one of the cards, pay for the uncovered amount and get rewarded with exclusive coupons from lots of great restaurants and retail locations.

The Sweetener

One of the most successfully proven fundraisers are Lollipops. Coming in a great variety of flavors including cherry, grape, watermelon and strawberry. They can be a sweet treat or a sour power for your supporters. Perfect for fundraising any day of the year as they come in many themes including sports, seasonal festivities, stars and more.

Visit or call 1.800.443.5353 for more fun ideas!

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