Launch an Easter Fundraiser with these Chocolate Bunnies

Launch an Easter Fundraiser with these Chocolate Bunnies

Time flies, doesn’t it? It’s already February, and that means Easter will soon be on the horizon. A holiday that calls for chocolaty treats of all sizes and shapes can easily lend itself to fundraising ideas, and for that we’ve got you covered. The first thing we want to bring to your attention is Kathryn Beich’s Who’s Your Bunny? line up of 6oz chocolate bunnies.

Kathryn Beich’s chocolate bunnies make for a fundraiser that’s as solid as the chocolate they’re made of. The bunnies even come with the necessary forms for your fundraising team to keep track of their orders.

The Kathryn Beich chocolate bunnies come in solid white chocolate and solid milk chocolate. Each case contains 24 bunnies, and you can earn a 40 per cent profit margin on your fundraiser. Order 10 cases or more, your shipping fee is reduced to half the price, allowing you to profit even further with this Easter fundraising idea. 

The chocolate bunnies do well in schools, and it’s always a great fundraiser for children. Many kids have had great success with this fundraising idea because it’s fun and easy. Have them ask their classmates and teachers if they’re interested, or accompany them as they go door-to-door through the neighbourhood collecting orders.

You can be sure that Kathryn Beich’s chocolates are a tried and true fundraising idea that will bring in big bucks this Easter.

Delivery time on the chocolate bunnies is five days, and the minimum order is three cases. To place your order today, visit our page.   

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